At this time, Disrule accounts offer access to Matrix on the Disrule server. The Matrix network is decentralized, meaning that many different servers are federated into a communication network. You may make an account on any server. If you register for an account with Disrule, your Matrix access will be through this server.

Terms & Conditions

Disrule operates this Matrix server in an effort to contribute to liberty, democracy, and privacy on the internet and in communications. However, Disrule is also dedicated to progressive, democratic values. You may not use an account on the Disrule server in the service of racist, misogynist, fascist, anti-queer, nationalist, or anti-immigrant causes. You may not use an account on this server to create rooms that support those anti-democratic pursuits, nor may you use an account on this server to post messages that promote hate or advance anti-democratic perspectives.

You are invited to use an account on the Disrule server to organize for social justice causes, including those supporting sex-positivity and sex-worker rights. You may also use an account on this server for everyday, personal communication, to connect around shared interests or needed support, and to collaborate on team projects of various kinds.

Disrule is not responsible for the content of your communications. By registering for a Matrix account on the Disrule server, you agree to adhere to the above terms and conditions. If you cannot agree to adhere to the terms and conditions, you should not register with Disrule. You can find a list of other public, Matrix servers here. If you have questions about the terms and conditions, please contact us.

Using Your Account

The 'Register' button, below, will take you to the Disrule web portal to Riot, where you can register for an account. On the registration page, you need only enter your desired name and a password to create an account. You will then be logged in to Matrix via Riot on the web, and can begin exploring. We recommend downloading one of Riot's free desktop clients and/or mobile apps. When you log in to Riot via a client or app on your device, you will need to select 'custom server' and enter in the field for Homeserver URL. You can ignore the Identity Server field.

Privacy Resources

The advice that we offer is based on the available options for personal, technological security. We support free and open-source solutions, and do not believe that it is possible to guard one's privacy while using proprietary services like Facebook or Google. We attempt to explain our recommendations so as to allow readers to make informed choices.

For More Information

More information about Matrix, including further explanation of encryption, federation, and open-source development, is available on the frequently asked questions page of the Matrix website. For more information about Riot, please visit the Riot website.