Dis. Rule.

Disrule is a project of Getting Geekier Computer Services, dedicated to promoting liberty, democracy, and privacy online. We operate a matrix-synapse server and recommend the use of matrix for encrypted online communication, including VOIP and video calling. We host Riot web access to the matrix network, and currently also provide recommendations and reviews of privacy resources. We will continue to develop our services as funding allows.


Matrix is a free, open source network for secure, decentralized communication. Synapse is the server-side application of the Matrix protocol. Matrix-Synapse is currently the communications solution that best fits with Disrule values in that:


There are many client-side applications available for accessing Matrix. Riot is the most attractive and user-friendly option available at this time. It is free, open source software, offering:

Privacy Resources

The advice that we offer is based on the available options for personal, technological security. We support free and open-source solutions, and do not believe that it is possible to guard one's privacy while using proprietary services like Facebook or Google. We attempt to explain our recommendations so as to allow readers to make informed choices.

For More Information

More information about Matrix, including further explanation of encryption, federation, and open-source development, is available on the frequently asked questions page of the Matrix website. For more information about Riot, please visit the Riot website.